How to make a skateboard deck


Below, the first link named "How a deck is made" contains articles and videos on how a skateboard deck is professionally made by skateboard deck manufaturers.

I recommend you watch the videos and read that article first if your unfamiliar with how a skateboard deck is made from start to finish.

The other links cover how you can make the skateboard deck. From what kind of veneer and glue is used, to how you can make a wood or concrete mold and press for the production of skateboards decks.

How to make a silk screen press, for screening skateboard decks from nose to tail and how to make the skateboard press out of steel and a bottle jack are the most recent of the free plans located below.

Articles on how to shape, drill and apply the graphics will be here soon.

Thanks for stopping by, I hope you enjoy your visit and learn something while your here, good luck.

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Make a Skateboard How the deck is made Veneer Glue
How to Make a Skateboard Deck How the Skateboard is Made Professionally What kind of Veneer is Used What kind of Glue is Used

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How to make a Wood Skateboard Mold How to make a Concrete Skateboard Mold How to make a Concrete Skateboard Mold II How to make a Bottle Jack Press

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How to make a Silk Screen Press Roarockit - Thin Air Press Review


If you are interested how to make longboards, Ive "Toothless" Vandewalle has an amazing site dealing with longboards exclusively.

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I've recently found another site called Silverfish Longboarding. This is by far the most in depth site about longboarding I have seen, check it out.

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If you were looking for the free plans on how to make ramps, they are located here...

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